Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?


ElimiTix’s representation costs as little as $99 for moving violations.  Moving violations include things like speeding, illegal turns, and disobeying a traffic light.  In the event that the cost exceeds $99 for moving violations ElimiTix will contact you after you upload your information.


How do I hire ElimiTix?


It’s simple.  Go to upload your ticket on the homepage, fill in the required information and submit a picture of your ticket and you’re all set.


Do I have to go to court?


No.  Most courts do not require you to be present for civil infractions.  For more serious offenses such as DUI or a suspended license you may be required to appear in person.  ElimiTix will always let you know if you are required to be present in court.


Will the court send me anything in the mail?


Maybe.  Once you hire ElimiTix we notify the court that you have retained legal counsel.  The court usually sends  only ElimiTix the notice of appearance, but in some case they may send you the notice for the court appearance too.  If you receive this notice do not worry, we have it on file as well.


How will ElimiTix communicate with me?


ElimiTix will communicate with you via email unless you prefer a different method.  Updates to your file are immediately made on our portal and you can check the status of your case 24/7 by logging-in using your username and password or your unique status code that is provided to you when you upload your ticket.  As always, you may call us 1-844-ZERO-TIX to speak to someone directly.


How do I find out the result of my case?


After your attorney has appeared in court an email will be sent notifying you about the result of your case and any fines that must be paid.  ElimiTix will also call you to confirm your receipt of the message.  Please note that it is extremely important to read ElimiTix emails as you only have five days in most cases to pay the fine for any reduced charges our office is able to secure for you.


How do I pay my fines and court costs?


Fines may be paid online, by phone or in person.  In our letter to you we will provide you with both a link to the court and the phone number so that you may pay the fine online or by phone.



*Disclaimer- The information listed on this website is for informational purposes only and not intended to be legal advice. If you have any questions regarding any of the information listed on this site, please call us (844) ZERO-TIX.


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