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ElimiTix is a law firm dedicated to providing traffic defense representation in and around the Metro Detroit Area. At ElimiTix, we specialize in representing clients charged with all motor-vehicle offenses such as speeding, DUI, suspended license, license restoration, and non-moving offenses such no-proof of insurance and much more.


If you have received a ticket, call ElimiTix before you pay and speak to one of our attorneys free of charge. You could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you prefer, simply upload your ticket and we will get to work immediately on your behalf.


The ElimiTix Philosophy


ElimiTix was founded based upon the idea that legal representation should not be expensive. At ElimiTix we have heavily invested in technology so that we can minimize the administrative costs of legal representation. This allows us to provide the highest quality legal representation at the most competitive price.


Our goal is simple: Keep your record clean, save you time, and most importantly keep your money where it belongs—in your pocket!


Speeding Tickets


Did you know a speeding ticket or other moving violation can cost the average driver as much 22% more in insurance premiums. At ElimiTix, we specialize in eliminating your ticket problems. So save yourself the time and hassle of going to court and hire ElimiTix.  We are so confident that we can help we offer our NO POINT PROMISE (restrictions apply).


Convenience and Simplicity


  • For Traffic Tickets, it’s simple! Simply upload your ticket and enter your credit card information and you’re done, ElimiTix handles the rest.
  • For Drunk Driving offenses, traffic crimes and license restoration, you will need to consult with an attorney at our office. Call us today!


We go to court for YOU!


  • Your time is valuable, don’t waste hours sitting around the courthouse. When you hire ElimiTix, you have an experienced lawyer who will go to court for you on your traffic tickets!



We offer traffic ticket defense for as low as $99*.  For more serious offenses such as DUIs, traffic accidents, suspended license, or license restoration please call our office at (844) ZERO-TIX as these matter cannot be accepted through our online system.

  • Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment $299
  • Suspended License as low as $299
  • License Restoration-Please call (844) ZERO-TIX
  • Traffic Accident-Please call (844) ZERO-TIX
  • DUI/OUIL-Please call (844) ZERO-TIX




  • When you hire ElimiTix you will have a seasoned lawyer on your side. All ElimiTix lawyers have significant experience in defending all traffic related matters. In addition, our DUI team has extensive knowledge of the defenses that help you beat your charge. Each attorney reviews your case and will figure out the best strategy to keep you on the road!




  • Tickets are a serious matter. It is important for all of our ElimiTix clients to know the exact status of their case- 24/7/365. Because of our investment in technology all clients have the ability to login and view the status of their matter through the check-status function on our website or by logging in using their username and password. In addition, we welcome clients to contact us directly if the wish to speak to us, we are happy to help.



*Does not include any court costs or fines. Covers only one hearing. Additional hearings $99

**Does not include any court costs or fines. Covers only one hearing. Additional hearings $59.

***Does not include any court costs or fines. Covers only pre-trial hearings. Expert witness and trial to be billed at hourly rates.


Disclaimer- The information listed on this website is for informational purposes only and not intended to be legal advice. If you have any questions regarding any of the information listed on this site, please call us (844) ZERO-TIX.



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